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Thursday, 9 April, 2020,23:58

Worm turns on waste in Murrindindi Shire

Whenever you pick up the paper, turn on the tv or tune into the radio, waste is mentioned in one form or another. We feel its impact when we pay our bills, and we contribute to it each time we buy something and with every scrap we toss away.

Every day we are forced to confront how much we consume, and how much waste we generate as a result. This growing volume of waste is increasingly affecting our environment, and our existing systems for managing waste are at the mercy of international markets and politics. Sometimes it feels like there is little we can do as individuals.

Council has been thinking about this tricky problem and is proposing some solutions to help.  At its meeting on 23 October, Murrindindi Shire Council was proud to endorse the Southern Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Education Strategy 2019-2021.

Waste Portfolio Councillor, Eric Lording said Council is taking a regional approach to tackling this problem by teaming up with Mitchell and Strathbogie Shire Councils.

“Of all the possible solutions to the waste issue, we believe that working together to reduce and manage waste is the best path forward. And it’s is something we can do right now. This Strategy sets out a plan for how we can help our communities better understand the impacts of waste and what each of us can do to reduce those impacts,” Cr Lording said.

PHOTO: Murrindindi Shire/Supplied.

“The Strategy includes the following goals as the key focus areas for the next three years:

  1. Increase community and business awareness about the impact of their waste on the environment, society and the economy, and support and encourage waste avoidance initiatives.
  2. Build appreciation of the importance of careful waste management for our community.
  3. Improve knowledge about what can be recycled in kerbside bins.
  4. Enhance awareness about the problems of litter and illegal dumping.

“Following consultations held earlier this year, the community suggested a number of ways we could approach these problems and take steps toward achieving the Strategy’s goals. Many of these suggestions came through the Waste Education Survey, which gathered input from almost 350 people across the three partner shires – there were 122 participants from Murrindindi Shire alone,” Cr Lording said.

“Some of the most popular suggestions included:

  • Running composting and worm faming workshops to help people learn how to better manage their organic waste.
  • Offer tours of Council’s Resource Recovery Centres to school groups and the public so the community can learn more about how waste is processed and managed.
  • Develop and deliver waste education programs in schools, and support schools to better manage the waste they produce.
  • Assist local businesses to develop better waste management practices.

“Gone are the days when we purchased and discarded things without a second thought. These habits have seen us use up extraordinary amounts of natural resources and build up huge volumes of rubbish. We need to work together to tackle this problem now,” Cr Lording said.

“Our Waste Education Officer, who works across the three participating Councils, has already begun rolling out a number of events and programs. Maybe you managed to get along to the Worm Farming and Composting workshop held in Alexandra last Saturday, 19 October?” Cr Lording added. Check out www.murrindindi.vic.gov.au/waste to read the Southern Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Education Strategy 2019-2021 or to find out more about how waste is managed in Murrindindi Shire and how you can do your bit.


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