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COMING 1 January 2020

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Sunday, 26 January, 2020,10:34

Roundabout petition launched by Eltham Community Action Group

The Eltham Community Action group has launced a petition calling on further consultation with Major Road Project Victoria (MRPV).

The petition asks that:

The project being undertaken by Major Road Projects Victoria at the Fitzsimons Lane roundabout in Eltham be immediately put on hold until MRPV provides:

  1. evidence that an alternative solution with a smaller footprint, less tree removal and other environmental impacts would not improve traffic flow;
  2. evidence that solutions to the real traffic issue which is the traffic coming through the Bolton St intersection have been fully investigated;
  3. evidence that off peak traffic flows will not be adversely affected by having to stop unnecessarily at traffic lights; and
  4. adequate and meaningful public consultation to explore public opinion rather than presenting a solution for acceptance.

The Eltham Community Group has been contacted for comment.

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