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Wednesday, 26 February, 2020,14:51

Cr Dunscombe acknowledges Ray “Wrinkles” Bartlam’s 50 years of community service

Cr Dunscombe suspended standing orders at Murrindindi Shires council meeting held last Wednesday (25 September) to acknowledge 30 years of service to the Kinglake Football/Netball Club and over 50 as a Scout Master.

Cr Dunscombe made the following statement:

“When I moved to Kinglake in 2000, I was keen to get involved with the community and with a background in sports administration The Kinglake Football Club (as it was known at the time) was an obvious choice.

My involvement with the club has continued over the past 20 years in varying capacities and the one constant throughout this time – and indeed for many years prior was a piece of the local furniture known affectionately by all as Wrinkles.

Ray (Wrinkles) Bartlam, as I said, was a constant. In an organisation where people come and go, where their dedication and commitment can be tested, and where interest peaks and fades, the one thing on which you could always rely was that Ray would be there with his medical bag and tape.

Rain, hail snow or shine (and we have had them all in Kinglake),
in the change rooms, on the boundary line or field of play, at club functions or even running to the netball courts to patch up an injured netballer, Ray seemed to be everywhere at once, on both training nights and game days, home and away.

But he couldn’t be everywhere at once because in his spare time he has also managed to clock up 50 years as a dedicated Scout Leader, another organisation who I am sure appreciate his dedication and service to youth development in the Kinglake Ranges.

Now Ray has decided to hang up his boots. The service, dedication and commitment he has given to the football/netball club over 30 seasons and 1000 games as Head Trainer and 50 years with the Scouts is nothing short of remarkable.

I could talk for hours about Rays achievements, the injuries he has treated, the calves he has massaged and the professionalism he has shown, but perhaps the most important is the skills he has passed on to others and the example he has set.

Yours are very big boots to fill and I doubt they ever will be.

I am honoured to call you a friend and on behalf of the Murrindindi Shire Council and the Kinglake Community, thank you.”


-Murrindindi Shire, Minutes of Meeting, 25 September 2019.

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