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Tuesday, 15 October, 2019,07:43

Media Matters

The Conversation has removed the right of readers to comment on climate change articles with reader’s views that don’t follow the “climate change” line to be blocked. Not healthy for democracy.

Most sensible people know the science is in, with concensus, so let these people comment as most know it’s just crap to protect big business interests. Think coal. Think Adani.

By blocking them, you’re giving them more power and air time.

The usual right-wing commentators have come out writing that 16-year-old Greta Thunberg has been “hijacked by the left” (Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun), and is suffering “child abuse.”

No Andrew, the only one abusing children is yourself, Miranda Devine, Alan Jones and Carl Stefanovic among other right-wingers. How ironic that those writing about the child abuse of Greta Thunberg are actually the ones abusing her.

A local publisher published untrue claims that Kinglake Ranges News has had it’s twitter account suspended for breaching twitter policy. The twitter account has never been suspended. (Proof available on request or by checking @geelanmedia on twitter).


The Herald Sun journalist who first broke the George Pell story, Lucie Morris-Marr: “My suspicion that News Corp was doing a U-turn seemed to be confirmed by Monday morning when Andrew Bolt described my scoop as a ‘witch hunt’ and a ‘smear’,” Amanda Meade reported in Guardian Australia today.

Morris-Marr’s experience is similar to this journalist’s experience with another local media proprietor. They want the story, will take it, tell you how good you are, but once you’re more succesfull than them, the attacks begin. We feel for you Morris-Marr. Good luck.

We – Kinglake Ranges Newsgot in wrong last week when we published two articles alleging illegal behaviour by a councillor and a police officer.

Whilst the allegations are provably true beyond any doubt – by independent witnesses and evidence – they should have been published with full details and the accussed should have been given a right of reply. We failed to do so.

The articles will be re-published when a right of reply has been offered and the alleged offences will be published with the responses, if recieved.

Kinglake Ranges News sincerly apologises for the error.


The opinions expressed above are those of the editor, Ashley Geelan.

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