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Wednesday, 26 February, 2020,14:36

Werribee man arrested after attempted car jacking at Christmas Hills this morning

Police have arrested a 38-year-old Werribee man following a series of incidents and attempted carjacking in Christmas Hills and Yarra Glen earlier this morning.

A man allegedly approached a woman on Buttermans Track in Christmas Hills and demanded she get out of her car.

VIDEO: Nine News Melbourne.

She has complied however the man was unable to find the keys so fled.

A short time later police received reports of four aggravated burglaries on Skyline Road in Yarra Glen.

During one of the aggravated burglaries, a Lexus was stolen.

The man dumped a stolen Hilux ute and drove off in the Lexus.

There were no injuries reported during any of the incidents.

The police Air Wing conducted a search of the surrounding area when they spotted a man in bushland at Kinglake shortly before 10am.

While police on the ground were making their way to the man, emergency services received a triple zero call from a man saying he was lost in bushland and needed to be rescued.

Critical Incident Response Team members were happy to comply and arrested the man without incident.


The Werribee man is currently in custody at Lilydale Police Station, assisting police with enquiries.

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