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Wednesday, 26 February, 2020,16:22

Candidate Profile: Eric Kerr (ALP) for Indi

Eric Kerr, Labor’s Candidate for Indi was born and raised in North East Victoria, and has spent his entire life living, working and learning there. As a proud local, Eric is honoured by the opportunity to serve his community.

At the age of 25, Eric is one of the youngest candidates standing at the 2019 election, and plans to use his youth and energy to bring was born to Government and encourage other young people in life living to engage with politics and policy.

Eric has and currently works in hospitality as an usher, barista, server, and occasional cook but also has a background in Governance having served as one of Australia’s youngest ever city councillors at the age of 18 for the City of Wodonga.

This mix of experience from different roles gives him a great understanding of everyday struggles many families face.

Eric plans to build his first home in the region soon and so not only does he understand these issues, he’s living them. Eric is keen to fight for affordable housing for all Australia’s and to make the system fairer for everyday Australians looking to buy their first property or rent affordably.

In undertaking to build a house and having stood previously as the Candidate for Indi in 2016, Eric’s commitment to his community is proudly on show.

Raised by two midwives, Eric is the proud son of two mothers and proudly fought as a vocal YES advocate in the plebiscite. Instilled in him early was the need to stand up and fight for what is right.

This value drives him to fight for everyone in his community. Fighting for safe, secure and affordable housing for all.

Fighting for food security, tackling poverty and getting the best deal for our farmers growing our produce. Providing world beating and accessible education and health systems.

There is a lot of work to do. Eric and Labor are ready.

Website: https://www.alp.org.au/our-people/our-people/eric-kerr
Labor Party: https://www.alp.org.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EricKerrforIndi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EricKerrforIndi

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