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Saturday, 23 November, 2019,12:08

Kellock Lodge community meeting next Monday

A community meeting will be held next Monday, August 13 at 11am for the Alexandra community to take back control of Kellock Lodge at the Alexandra Shire Hall.

The meeting follows recent negotiations between Alexandra businessman and proprietor of Fallons Bus Lines, Larry Fallon and Anglican Wangaratta Diocese Bishop John Parkes.

“The negotiations may result in the purchase of the facility and its return to the community if community agreement is reached,” a statement said.

Negotiations appear dependent on community agreement with Mr Fallon planning to announce a proposal for the future of Kellock Lodge at the meeting.

The meeting will be chaired by Murrindindi Shire Council’s Chief Executive Officer Craig Lloyd.

Fallon met the Bishop following a Kellock Lodge board meeting today.

It was agreed at the meeting it was acceptable for a public meeting to be called with details of the negotiations yet to be published.

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One Response “Kellock Lodge community meeting next Monday”

  1. Thursday, 9 August, 2018,20:31 at 20:31

    But which party owns it now