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Sunday, 17 February, 2019,21:21

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It’s a Long way to the top if you “don’t need to go to Uni … you’re well beyond that.”

In their article Hard truth about Geelan’s lies, advertising sales representative of The Local Paper, Ash Long claimed I was making up my work experience report. What most call “throwing shade.” The irony in being told you’re a journalist who’s “well beyond going to University,” suddenly becomes a blogger because I asked to be paid

Sometimes the media helps heal

Late last week whilst listening to ABC Radio Melbourne ‘Drive’ with Rafael Epstein, the editor of Kinglake Ranges News, Ashley Geelan, heard Epstein ask for Micheal ‘Mick’ Rogers to contact him as he couldn’t get in touch.

A time to reflect about things of fire and ash

Personal stories, reflections and photographic portraits of young people from Kinglake and police officers who experienced the 2009 Victorian bushfires feature in the Victoria Police Museum’s latest exhibition.

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