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Sunday, 16 June, 2019,07:10


If faulty powerline fell on fire danger day?

SP AusNet spokeswoman Helena Lilly* tonight told Kinglake Ranges News that the current power outage was due to a “deteriorated conductor,” known to most as a power-line, that broke.

Rural reporters more accountable than city colleagues

Whilst city reporters for Melbourne’s major media outlets turn up at events and report, rural reporters are often part of their community as much as the local CFA, SES and other community organisations. Ashley Geelan explains.

We lead … others copy

Yes, it’s true. From the launch of Kinglake Ranges News in June 2017, one so-called ‘newspaper man’ continues to use others’ work unabated.

Murrindindi districts #1 news site

Kinglake Ranges News continues as Murrindindi districts’ number one news site with 96 per cent (Google Analytics) of the local audience in the last 28 days.

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