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Monday, 19 August, 2019,01:23


Simon Templar joins Geelan Media

Geelan Media is proud to announce the appointment of Mr Simon Templar to the ever-growing team as our technology and communications editor.

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ATO, Centrelink hang up on clients

Ever wondered why when you call Centrelink or the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and you get an engaged signal or just can’t get through? We now know why.

If faulty powerline fell on fire danger day?

SP AusNet spokeswoman Helena Lilly* tonight told Kinglake Ranges News that the current power outage was due to a “deteriorated conductor,” known to most as a power-line, that broke.

Rural reporters more accountable than city colleagues

Whilst city reporters for Melbourne’s major media outlets turn up at events and report, rural reporters are often part of their community as much as the local CFA, SES and other community organisations. Ashley Geelan explains.

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