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Saturday, August 18, 2018, 10:16 PM


Sixty-five years at The Age

With grateful thanks to this reporter’s maternal aunt, Heather Henry’s (nee Mitchell) painstaking research, it was discovered that George Mitchell, this reporter’s great-great maternal grandfather helped build The Age and David Syme and Company.

New study finds ‘baby brain’ is real, but we’re still not sure what causes it

So-called “baby brain” refers to increased forgetfulness, inattention, and mental “fogginess” reported by four out of five pregnant women. These changes in brain function during pregnancy have long been recognised in midwifery folklore, but our new study has confirmed “baby brain” is a very real phenomenon, and also affects several cognitive areas.

In the footsteps of pioneers

Stay tuned for Kinglake Ranges News upcoming series of “My Journey to the Mountain” tracing the Geelan family’s connection to the Kinglake Ranges community for over 92 years.