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Sunday, 25 August, 2019,01:57

Easter-ANZAC Day publishing arrangements

Kinglake Ranges News has grown into one of Victoria’s biggest North-East regional and outer North-East metropolitan online publications.

It’s  free and funded entirely by Google advertisers, financial donations and goodwill. Kinglake Ranges News now consistently achieves more than 10,000 views a month, more than any other competitor by a country mile.

Geelan Media (ABN 90 408 357 571) isn’t governed by how many advertisers we can secure in order to provide news. Others put advertising before the news. We put news before advertising.

To meet financial responsibilities, we use Google AdSense and other providers to fund our hosting costs.

The Easter-ANZAC week looks like becoming a  ten day break. Universities are closed for a mid-semester break. CMFEU sites are closed all week. Many manufacturers and factories have asked employees to take annual leave, choosing not to open next week.

With the exception of Good Friday (tomorrow), we continue our online news coverage throughout Easter.

Wishing everyone a great, safe and enjoyable Easter break.

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