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Sunday, 25 August, 2019,02:01

20,000 readers ahead of nearest competitor. Murrindindi Shire’s #1 online news site.

For the first three months of 2019 over 30,000 people “really read” Kinglake Ranges News. Our nearest competitor had only 5,997 viewers for the same period. (Sources: SimilarWeb, Alexa, Google Anayltics and AWStats).

Kinglake Ranges News leads the way with Alexandra Newspapers (publishers of The Yea Chronicle and Alexandra Standard) not far behind by global or country online rankings.

Despite being behind a paywall Alexandra Newspapers (6,967) had more viewers online than The Local Paper (6,718) between January to March 2019.

The Local Paper is far behind all local media on global online ranking. Only Kinglake Ranges News and Alexandra Newspapers are below the 10 million mark.

2019_03_Total Visits Jan-Mar.png

IMAGE: Total Visits/Screenshot/SimilarWeb

We lead. They copy.


Kinglake Ranges News continues to deliver as the first – and continually – highest ranked online news site in Murrindindi Shire.

According to ABS (2016) data 13,732 people reside in Murrindindi Shire.

Kinglake Ranges News recorded 10,216 unique vistors in March alone whilst The Local Paper recorded just 2,264 unique visitors for March (Source: AWStats).

2019_03_Global Rank Jan-Mar.png

IMAGE: Global Rank/Screenshot/SimilarWeb

At Kinglake Ranges News we take screenshots of independent statistical data and publish it. Our competitors don’t.


Competitors figures could actually be anything they made up as they don’t publish screenshots of the data. We do.

Where possible we publish links to the data so readers and advertisers can check themselves. Our competitors don’t.  Wonder why?

AWStats_Jan_Mar 2019.jpg

A screenshot from AWStats of Kinglake Ranges News data.


Murrindindi Shire councillors, some local businesses and community groups chose not to support Kinglake Ranges News since launching in 2017, prefering other media.

Some, including Murrindindi Shire, allegedly support the theft of other’s intellectual property.


At Kinglake Ranges News we’re from a reporting family.

George Mitchell’s primary interest was ‘delivering news to the community’ and getting ship captains’ reports to The Age newsroom copy boys in the 1860s.


Mitchell helped deliver the first copies of The Age to Melbourne households after collecting news from ship captains or ‘runners’ after arriving in Port Phillip Bay. A mad dash from Station Pier to Collins Street.

George was The Age‘s longest-serving employee with 65 years of loyal service to David Syme & Co. He’s this reporters great-great grandfather.

Real local people. Believable and independently sourced statistics. 

Geelan Media began the day the first Age rolled off the hot press on 17 October 1854.

All data is independently sourced and not altered by Kinglake Ranges News or Geelan Media.

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