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Monday, 25 March, 2019,17:25

Long’s (alleged) lies continue unabated

On Thursday, January 3 Eltham blogger, Ashley Long, claimed Kinglake Ranges News was falsifying statistical data having filed a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

“As Mr Geelan’s behaviour is currently the subject of a complaint before the Australian Competition and Consumer [Commission] Authority, we will not be making any further comment,” the ad sales rep Long said.

The ACCC today confirmed no such complaint exists.

At 2.59pm today an ACCC spokesperson confirming: “no complaint has been filed.”

“We will call you back.”

“We don’t get involved in individual disputes,” ACCC spokesman Max said at 5.25pm today.

“We don’t give the status of any investigation or report to anyone whilst [investigations] being conducted.

“You are not an entity … I can’t understand this.”

“There is no record of such on our files and it [is] not something we’d actually investigate anyway.

“This is something well beyond our scope.

“This is not a matter for us,” Max concluded.


No data was falsified – or changed – with only editing into tables and graphs occurring using data provided by independent third-party sources.


Long claimed the figures were falsified as they did not include print circulation figures. Circulation is the number of copies of a printed newspaper or magazine a publisher distributes to bricks-and-mortar outlets. It does not reflect how many copies were read.

Kinglake Ranges News has – and continues to – state our statistical data is for online readership only as we do not physically print a newspaper.

For integrity, accuracy, transparency and fairness (as any half – decent journalist does) we contacted The Local Paper with a request to provide data from Google Analytics, AWStats, Alexa and SimilarWeb.
They refused to supply such, claiming the request was harassment and publishing a salicious article, calling transparency ‘harrasment’.
“A district blogger wrongly claims ‘reader statistics’ of The Local Paper to be 14,000 from June to November 2018. This is wrong,” Long said.
  • The online readership of The Local Paper from June to November 2018 was actually 127,436Source: AWStats
  • The online readership of Kinglake Ranges News from June to November 2018 was actually 188,101. Source: AWStats.
  • Therefore it is accurate that between June to November 2018 Kinglake Ranges News had 60,665 more online readers. Source: AWStats.
We again urge Long to comply with previous requests to not use other’s work and intellectual property (s) in any way.
Long’s (ongoing since 1969) double – standards and alleged continual use of other journalists and photojournalists work without due accreditation or payment, claiming “he makes no money,” even when the articles published are well outside any ‘public interest test’ for re-publication, is currently under the attention of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, International Federation of Journalists and other respected media organisations.
Kinglake Ranges News first established an online presence in 1994, twenty-five years ago, publishing VicNews and The Australian Scanning Encyclopedia. (www.scanaustralia.bigpondhosting..com).

The encyclopedia was taken off-line on 16 September 2001 when Australian Federal Police “for security reasons” visited the editor of Kinglake Ranges News with an informal request to remove the site.

With the exception of some military radio frequencies, this data has been publicly available on cd-rom, in print and elsewhere since 1992. Since 1993, it was also available on the Australian Government’s ‘Register of Radio Communications Licenses,” first laucnhed by the Deaprtment of Transport and Communications (DoTAC) as the internet was ‘born’.

An independent statistician is now compiling and fact-checking all data and statistics from AWStats, Alexa, SimilarWeb and WordPress.

Kinglake Ranges News will publish their independent findings when available.

Kinglake Ranges News editor, Ashley Geelan, previosuly filed reports for The Local Paper until a request for payment at 3rd-year (MEAA) journalism cadet rates was requested. Long then terminated communications, publishing a spread about Geelan’s childhood misdeamours, rather than pay his bills.

It should be noted that Geelan, editor of Kinglake Ranges News, also (then) provided articles, photographs and more to several other local media outlets including Alexandra Standard, Yea Chronicle, Mountain Monthly, ABC Goulburn-Murray, Whittlesea Review, North Central Review, Whittlesea Leader among others until June 2017.
We all get along fine and amicablly and help each other to provide the community with information and breaking news.
The difference. The other media organisations are fair, truthful and have journalistic integrity. Long’s Local Media isn’t one of them.
More to come.

If Long wishes to provide Local Paper data from AWStats, Google Anayltics, SimilarWeb, Alexa and WordPress we will publish such unaltered as provided.

Integrity. Kinglake Ranges News.

Ash Long did not respond to request for comment.

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One Response “Long’s (alleged) lies continue unabated”

  1. Simon Templar
    Monday, 14 January, 2019,23:52 at 23:52

    The Scanning Enyclapedia was a valuable recourse, but as the world changed on September 11, 2001 Ashley did the right thing to close it down when requested.

    As today is a different time to the 2001 era, we must adapt to the changing world. Print media is a prime example as it’s viable use by date is fast approaching and online media will be it’s replacement whether we like it or not.

    Simon, VK3XEM

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