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Sunday, 16 June, 2019,07:09

49,342 more people read Kinglake Ranges News online than nearest competitor

Following criticism that Kinglake Ranges News was ‘making up statistics’ (incorrect) and that Google Analytics and Similar Web statistical website data is ‘inaccurate,’ despite major corporations and Government using their services we decided to use the same data analysis program, AWStats, as our competitor.

AWStats shows 49,342 more actual online readership requests than our nearest competitor. (Kinglake Ranges News 207,430 requests; The Local Paper 158,088 requests between June-December).

Following the release of December and complete 2018 data, we will publish statistics from WordPress, Google Analytics, Similar Web and AWStats. We will also compare each source for differences between figures.


Website Performance Jun-Nov 2018.png

Source: SimilarWeb


 Kinglake Ranges News is Murrindindi Shire’s first and number one (no matter what source of statistics one uses) news site. We Lead. They Copy.

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