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Thursday, 25 April, 2019,16:38

Murrindindi Shire launch renaming survey for Kinglake West & Pheasant Creek

Murrindindi Shire Council is seeking residents feedback on a request from members of the Kinglake West/Pheasant Creek Community for Murrindindi to consider renaming the areas of Kinglake West and Pheasant Creek to the single name of Kinglake West-Pheasant Creek.

Now is the time for you to have your say by taking part in a short survey. For more information and to complete the survey go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MSCNameSurvey2

In 2015 an Independent Planning Panel (C54) reviewed a proposed update to the Local Planning Policy Framework for Murrindindi Shire.

One of the matters raised in public submissions to the Panel was the need for Kinglake West and Pheasant Creek to be recognised as a single settlement.

The Independent Panel supported this submission recommending that;
Kinglake West/Pheasant Creek be recognised “for the purposes of Planning” as a single settlement. The Panel also recommended that the name of the Township should be known as Kinglake West-Pheasant Creek.

In Late 2015 Council adopted the revised Framework Plan, accepting the Panel recommendations, including recognising in the Planning Scheme Kinglake West and Pheasant Creek as a single Township named as Kinglake West-Pheasant Creek.

Since that time members of the community have continued to raise with Council a desire to have names of Kinglake West and Pheasant Creek, including residential addresses in those areas, formally changed to Kinglake West-Pheasant Creek.

If Council was to proceed with the suggestion, it would mean for example, the residential address of;

1 Edenvale Crescent, Kinglake West, Victoria, 3757

would become;

1 Edenvale Crescent, Kinglake West-Pheasant Creek, Victoria, 3757

In submissions made to the Independent Planning Panel by the Community, it was suggested that the single name would recognise that there is strong support in the Kinglake West-Pheasant Creek Community for the localities of Kinglake West and Pheasant Creek to be combined into one locality.

Public submissions also suggested that not recognising the Kinglake West and Pheasant Creek areas as a single locality risks public safety for emergency response, confuses transport, mail services, communications and local community identity.

Now is the time for you to have your say and ensure that your views are shared with Council by taking part in this survey.

Council has not formed a view on this suggestion.

All views are welcome and the results will be used by Council in determining if further consideration should be given to renaming Kinglake West and Pheasant Creek areas to a single locality known as Kinglake West-Pheasant Creek, or leaving the names as they are.


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