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Sunday, January 21, 2018, 1:38 AM

Kinglake West win premiership



This match was played at Kinglake East on Saturday, Aug. 21st. Among the Kinglake sporting fraternity, excitement was intense. The match to decide the premiership was to be played and both teams collected their best men.

It is rather a coincidence that in the first match the West end won by ten points, while, in the second match, the East end won by the same number of points. Although the West players

had to tramp through 5 miles of mud over a foot deep, they turned up in great force, and ran out easy winners.

From the bounce of the ball to the finish, the West team were superior in nearly every department of the game.

For the West end, Rainer (3 goals) played a cool and deliberate game. Godwell and Evans formed a strong combination in the ruck. The brilliant forward of the Whittlesea team, Frank Renting, was very much in evidence. His high marking and long-kicking were very useful to his side.

Julor and Deners?  Bros, showed great dash. Others of note were Yarwood, Pearce, Owens, and Campbell.or the East end, Cameron, although not nearly up to his usual standard, played a clever game. He was very closely watched. Murphy Bros. formed a strong ruck, but were outclassed by the West ruck at times.

Alexander showed dash and skill. Lin. Beale was a splendid man at hitting out. Others of note were White, Bourchier, Cameron and McKimmie Bros.

Kinglake West, 6 goals, 5 behinds – 41 points.
Kinglake East, 1 goal, 7 behinds – 18 points.

The game was well umpired by W.Moulton, Many thanks are due to those kind ladies who so freely dispensed refreshments.

By winning two matches out of three, Kinglake West have the honor of being premiers for 1909.

The Evelyn Observer, Friday, August 27, 1909, p.5.

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