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Sunday, January 21, 2018, 1:51 AM

Arbor Day, 1908: Kinglake West Primary School


On Friday, September 18, 1908 The Evelyn Observer  reported about Arbor Day at Kinglake West Primary School. 

‘Kinglake Correspondent’ 

For the third year in succession the Kinglake West School has been awarded the Education Department’s first-class certificate for “effectively planted and well kept school grounds.” The agricultural plots have also been favourably commented on.

These plots have now been enlarged, and a quarter of an acre has been fenced off from the school ground and laid out. As this district is largely interested in fruit growing, a small orchard has also been laid out in these plots.

Orchard work will then be practically taught. For this concession the best thanks of the school are due to Mr James W. Lawrey, who donated six fruit trees; Mr W. G. Gray (per Mr Bouchier), five plum trees, Mr John Lawrey, six fruit trees; and Mr Chas. Rawsthorne??, six ?ilbert trees.

Mr Horace Higgins also donated sixty laurel shrubs to form shelter belts.

The following letter has been received by the Head Teacher (Mr. Wm. McAullife), from which letter the donors will see how their kind donations have been appreciated by the Education Department :-

Education Department.
Memorandum for The Head Teacher,
School No. 3925.

The Head Teacher is informed that the account furnished of the celebrations of Arbor Day at this school has been perused with pleasure, and the gratifying results of the efforts to make the day a success noted.

It is requested that the thanks of the Department be conveyed to the residents and parents who assisted in the work, especially to Messrs Rawsthorn Jnr, Lawrey Jnr. Lawrey, and Bouchier

C.H. James

The Evelyn Observer, Friday, September 18, 1908.
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