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Thursday, January 18, 2018, 2:15 AM

Mrs Beale’s accident


A very painful accident occurred here last week to Mrs Beale, wife of our much
respected resident, Mr J. L. Beale, sen., J P. Whilst going about the house, Mrs
Beale slipped and fell, with the result that the bone at the wrist was broken.

Dr Day, of Whittlesea, was immediately summoned, and the patient, under the medico’s well-known skills, is improving satisfactorily.

There was quite a large gathering at the opening of the Literary and Debating Club
held last Saturday in the local Mechanics’ Institute. The subject was a debate on
“socialsm” and, though a deep subject for a young society, the arguments brough for
and against were worthy of commendation.

The President (Mr. James Kerr), who acted as adjudicator, commented on the improvement shown, and congratulated the debaters on their careful study of’ the subject.

Mr Anthony Beale, opening in favour of socialism, stated his case very lucidly, giving his opponents plenty to answer, and was followed, at intervals, by the other members of his side, viz Messrs J. W. Lawrey, J.L. Beale jun., J. Gilmour, W. Sutherland, J. McMahon, and P. Sullivan.

Mr. McAullffe, in opening his case against socialism, prefaced his remarks by defining
the subject, viz: “Socialism proclaims the equal rights of all subjects of a state to share the material wealth of that state and the equal duty to of all to share the labor necessary to develop that wealth so as to maintain the necessaries and comforts of life.”

His chief contention was was that it was impossible to break down the barriers of social rank, and, as a consequence, that socialism would be unworkable.

He was well backed up by the members comprising his side Messrs J. Bourehier, I. Pearson, Alex. Campbell, H. Kerr, Wal. Murphy, E. Ingram and W. O’Dea.

Ultimately Mr. A.Beale’s team gained the judge’s verdict by 4l points to his opponents 38 points.

On the motion of Mr. McAuliffe, seconded by Mr. Bourehier, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the adjudicator for the able manner in which he had conducted the debate. Mr James Kerr suitably responded.

A Progressive Euchre Party is to be held on Friday evening next when the President and Club extend a hearty welcome to all.

First published in The Bourke Evelyn Observer & Bourke East Record, Friday, October 13, 1905, p.1.

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